Booster : บูสเตอร์

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Ammonium Nitrate (NH4NO3)


It is made of TNT and RDX as its main materials and     founding to round columns. Its charge weight is generally 100 -1000 g

  • Performances :
Content Properties
VOD Not less than 6,000 m/s.
Detonating sensitivity It can be completely detonated when connected with No.8 detonator or detonating cord by the specified methods
Water-resistant    capacity It can be completely after 24 keeping hours in water of 1 m deep at the temperature of 10 – 25 ˚C when connected by the specified methods.


  • The application :

The primer column as demolishing charge powder or powder bags is used for detonating inactive explosive under the circumstances without explosion gas or dust.

  • Packing :

Box packing 20 kg each. In paper box or wooden box.