Instant Electric Detonator เชื้อปะทุ หรือ แก๊ปไฟฟ้า

Dynamax (High Explosive)
Electric Millisecond Delay Detonator

 เชื้อปะทุ-หรือ-แก๊ปไฟฟ้า (Instant Electric Detonator)











                                           Instruction of Electric Detonator

The electric detonators manufactured in this company includes the No.8 Instantaneous

electric detonator, No.8 millisecond delay electric detonator, No.8 half second delay  
electric detonator, and No.8 Long period delay electric detonators. The electric detonators
are applied to detonate directly or indirectly all kinds of explosives and detonating fuse.  
However, the products are not to be used in areas where explosive gases or coal mineral
1.Construction and Features  
The Product is up to the International standard of “Industrial electric detonator”  
The detonator shell are made of alloy  
Copper leg wires are insulated with High Density Poly Ethylene  
Bridge wire is embedded in Fuse head to provide superior contact  
Plastic Plug is double crimped to form waterproof seal.  
1 meter of copper Leg wire have a resistance of 0.1 ohm.  
Copper Leg Wire Leg wire length (m.)  
3 m. 8 m. 10 m.  
1.7 – 2.2 2.7 – 3.2 3.1 -3.6  
Safety current  
i. With maximum direct current of 0.18 A, the detonator is not  
exploded within 5 minutes.  
h. All – fire direct current of 20 detonators with series connection is 1.2 A.  
2. Performance  
No.8 detonators can blow up a hole in a lead – plate of 8 mm thickness whose  
diameter is not smaller than the outer diameter of detonator.