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April 19, 2017
Ammonium Nitrate (NH4NO3)
May 1, 2017


It is made of TNT and RDX as its main materials and     founding to round columns. Its charge weight is generally 100 -1000 g

  • Performances :
Content Properties
VOD Not less than 6,000 m/s.
Detonating sensitivity It can be completely detonated when connected with No.8 detonator or detonating cord by the specified methods
Water-resistant    capacity It can be completely after 24 keeping hours in water of 1 m deep at the temperature of 10 – 25 ˚C when connected by the specified methods.


  • The application :

The primer column as demolishing charge powder or powder bags is used for detonating inactive explosive under the circumstances without explosion gas or dust.

  • Packing :

Box packing 20 kg each. In paper box or wooden box.

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